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"Kelley's joyful, loving attitude makes her our number one pet sitter. Because Kelley is reliable and so knowledgeable about animals, I go on vacation knowing Mariah has the best care possible."

Penny Hennessy
Pet Owner

"Have you ever met a person you instantly liked? It's Kelley Lucia, she is wonderful! When we first heard of her, we were looking for someone dependable and trustworthy that could care for our 3 dogs, and cat, and feed our quail, squirrels, and rabbits. We also needed someone that we could trust to stay in our home. She was perfect and came highly recommended. We have had a long-lasting relationship and have become best of friends."

Jerry & Carolyn Baldwin
Owners of Baldwin Photography

"I used to worry and not be able to enjoy my vacations because I was too worried about my pets. But in the past 3 years, since Kelley has taken care of my animals, I can relax and know that they are well cared for. Most importantly, the animals love her (even our parrots)."

Paul & Jeanette Economus
Lampoc Ranch Owners

"Before we met Kelley, our previous pet sitters would almost look at us different because of the way we treat our pets. Most people think we go way overboard by the time and attention we spend on them. Besides being an experienced professional, no one person could love and care for animals the way Kelley does. She spoils and pays special attention to each and every one. In the past I could never really relax knowing our pets were home without us, so we just wouldn't go anywhere. Since we've met kelley, my husband and I go out of town often. If you want pure piece of mind, knowing when you're away that your family is being cared for in an attentive and loving way, then please call Pet Guardian. We can't recommend her enough. She's sent from above."

Page & John Byars
Pet Owners

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