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"I have worked with llamas and alpacas and taught animal handling skills for almost 20 years. I have had many wonderful students. Kelley Lucia is one of the most talented animal handlers I have ever worked with. She is not only a good handler but a good teacher. Her dedication to the animals is evident with every move she makes. She is responsible and caring. It is obvious that she enjoys both her two-legged and four-legged clientel. If I lived in the area Kelley would be my first choice to take care of my animals both in the barn and in my house."

Marty McGee Bennett

"Kelley has been training El Ranchito's alpacas and llamas since 1996. She regularly grooms Sena, Jesse, and Kesh, El Ranchito's guard dogs. She also handles the herd management and vet work for our alpacas and llamas. Animals know immediately that Kelley is their friend. They adore her! A better trained, more knowledgeable pet guardian you will not find."

Joan Speirs, Owner
El Ranchito de las Llamas y Alpacas

"I use Kelley Lucia with complete confidence that my pets will receive excellent care and all the gentle love they need. Kelley's attention to detail in regard to feeding and special diets and medication are especially appreciated. I recommend Pet Guardian pet sitting enthusiastically."

Thelma R. King
VIVA Volunteer

"As the owners of a 40-acre ranch, we attest to Kelley's skill and knowledge with all types of animals. She cared for our cats, dog, pig, sheep, chickens, horse, tortoises, and cows while we were on vacation this summer. They have all requested that Pet Guardian come back next vacation."

Jim & Sally Martin, Owners
La Salle Canyon Ranch

"Pet Guardian may perhaps be the single greatest thing that I have ever done for my pets. Kelley is a godsend who is always ready and able to help out and answer a question. I have used her for well over two years and will continue to do so for as long as possible. Kelley has made my workday easier by allowing me to work some 60 hours a week with the complete knowledge that my dog is not only safe, but in good hands. Again Kelley and Pet Guardian are one of the greatest untapped resources in pet care and I would fully recommend her to anyone.

John Stafford
Pet Owner."

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