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Alpaca Information:

Alpacas are South American Camelids related to the Vicuna and the Llama. Alpacas are the kings and queens of all farm animals. These animals are not only beautiful, but well mannered and gentle. They have been farmed in South America for thousands of years. The Indian people of the high Andean plateau held them in high regard as one of the most important parts of their economy. They loved textiles and the best wool for them was that of the Alpaca. They even had a religious sect that was appointed to take care of the Alpaca herds.

The Alpaca industry is currently concentrated in South Peru and Bolivia. The high altitudes there make the climate extreme. Sub zero temperatures rule the nights and hot burning sun rules the day. It is a great testimony to the Alpaca's hearty nature that it thrives in these extremes.

Alpaca wool is not only extremely soft, but long lasting. It rates nearly 3 times the strength of Merino wool and comes in a wide range of natural colors that can be used without dyes. While extremely lightweight, it is extremely warm and has the feel of silk. It has long been considered amongst eh finest in the fashion world, ranking with cashmere and silk. Because of the small Alpaca population, the wool is as rare as it is beautiful.

Alpacas have a soft, padded foot that is very gentle to the ground, is has the lowest impact per pound of bodyweight of all the domesticated grazing animals. They are neat and tidy animals that require low maintenance. they are quiet, gentle, curious animals which are not prone to stress and are easy to handle, halter train, and transport. They live around 20 years, and can reproduce yearly. They are so considerate that they usually give birth during the day and have very little trouble doing so. What wonderful animals the Alpaca are!

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